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iphone SDKFebruary 27, 2008. Apple Inc. announced that the long expected iPhone SDK, which is also compatible with iPod Touch is likely to be released in details on March 6th, 2008.

Previously, a letter from Steve Jobs had indicated that iPhone / iTouch SDK will be available at the end of February. The SDK will enable developers to create native applications for both iPhone and iPod Touch.

Since iPhone has been launched, it only allowed software developers to build web-based apps. Applications should use AJAX technology and run within the Safari browser. Without being jailbroken, no apps could be installed and run on the device itself, i.e., no native apps by third party developers.

As for enterprise features, such as the famous "push-off-email function", which Research In Motion (RIMM, owner of the "BLACKBERRY") is utilizing, Apple gave no hints. Although it seems there is no doubt that iPhone could be a greate device for enterprise usage.

The SDK will not only work for iPhones, but also will work on iPod Touch.

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