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App StoreThe App Store is up! Open your iTunes, you will see an "Apps" link between "TV Shows" and "Rock". Yes, that's where you get all cool Apps for your iPhone.

Since the release of official iPhone SDK, developers have been busy with new games and applications for iPhones, especially for the new 3G model. I am sure that some of these Apps will be a simple conversion of "jailbroken" counterparts. But now you can get them without jailbreaking your iPhone.

There are about 24 Apps so far listed on the first page of the App Store. The top 5 Apps are:

  1. Remote from Apple
  2. AIM from AOL
  3. Google Mobile App from Google
  4. NYTimes from The New York Times Company
  5. MySpace Mobile from

With sales of the new 3G iPhone going on, the App Store will be busy for sure!

Ah, the SuperMonkeyBall app is ten bucks. LOL.

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