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iphone 3GApple's 2008 Worldwide Developer Conference has just finished. Highly anticipated 3G iPhone is announced to be available at $199 on July 11th. A number of cool features, including enterprise supports, games, language

supports, and GPS, are also demonstrated. A white-color version of iPhone will also be available.

First, let's talked about the new iPhone.

  1. It supports 3G network, which means faster data transfer. It is estimated to be 2.8 times faster. When compared to Nokia N95 and Treo 700, the new 3G iPhone is 36% faster. The speed is approaching wifi level.
  2. It has longer battery life. Standby: 300 hours, 2G talk time: 10 hours (twice as before), 3G talk time: 5 hours, High-speed browsing: 5-6 hours, Video: 7 hours (I was a bit surprised to know that high-speed browsing consumes battery as much as playing video …), 24 hours of audio listening.
  3. It now has built-in GPS. In addition to location information from wifi networks and cellphone-towers, 3G iPhone now has realtime GPS tracking. You can now see a moving dot on google map!
  4. Available in 70 countries, including China, Japan, Australia. (This is a bit inconsistent which information presented on Apple's official website, http://www.apple.com/iphone/countries/, Hong Kong is there listed in July 11 release, but China is listed in nowhere.)
  5. Available at $199 for the 8GB version, 16GB-version costs $299, a white-color model also will be available.
  6. Rolling out in the coming few months.

Second, the iPhone 2.0 software.

  1. Integration of iPhone, Mac, and PC via MobileMe.com. Everything stays in sync between iPhone, Mac, and PC. Data gets synched automatically both ways.
  2. Software include iCal, Mail, Exchange, AddressBook, Contacts, and Gallery. Also works with Outlook. iDisk is also integrated into MobileMe.com, which will replace .Mac. Current .Mac users will be upgraded automatically. The membership will cost $99 per year. However, with the new iPhone 2.0 purchase, there is a 60-day free trial with MobileMe.com.
  3. Enterprises has the ability to distribute apps just to their employees. iPhones can be authorized within enterprise through their intranet.
  4. Available in 62 countries.
  5. Free for iPhone users. $9.99 for iPod Touch users (I hate this! Just paid $19.99 for the last upgrade, now another 10 bucks! Ah, well … )

Third, the App-store.

  1. Apple has a 7:3 split revenue share with developers. Developers get 70%. If an app is free, there is no charge to the developer.
  2. Announced Games and Apps:
  • Modality: an app for remembering the names of parts of the body. Available at the launch of the App Store.
  • MLB.com. Live and detailed scoring for baseball games, real-time video highlights delivered right after the play. Available at the launch of the App Store.
  • Band: includes a virtual piano, drums, 12-bar blues "instrument", and a bass. Impressive sound quality and recording function. Available for free.
  • Loopt, a location-aware social network. The app displays a map with pins representing where your friends currently are, also made available to call or to text them. There are also user profiles showing a log of where the person has been and the photos they've sent in. Available free at the launch of the App Store.
  • eBay: auctions on the iPhone. Features include auctions listed, bid on, out-bid on, and a custom photo viewer.
  • AP (Associated Press): the Mobile News Network. It gathers content from many trusted sources. It makes use of the location API by automatically showing nearby sources. Allows news video and photos to be viewed directly through the app. An iPhone user can even report news first-hand onsite with photos and texts. Available free at the launch of the App Store.
  • TypePad. Their native app makes it very simple to blog or send in a photo. The photo can be taken right then using the camera, or be selected from the gallery. Available free at the launch of the App Store.
  • Digital Legends: 3D fantasy adventure game. Available by September.
  • The MIMvista application: for viewing medical imagery. Takes advantage of the touch screen to change the information shown, zoom in and out, and scroll around. The images can be also rendered in 3D. Available at the launch of the App Store.
  • Sega's Super Monkey Ball with over 100 levels. Available at the launch of the App Store for $9.99.
  • Two games from Pangea Software: Enigmo, a physics-based game, and Cro-Mag Rally, a 3D racing game. Both will be on the App Store at launch for $9.99.

Ah, well, all great stuffs, unfortunately, AAPL was down 8 bucks on NASDAQ. Somebody made money!
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