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iQuiz iPod in handApple released iQuiz last month, not long after the little French iQuiz leak. iQuiz is a game about trivia that builds on the music quiz game that comes default on all 5th generation iPods. But the games are more sophisticated, more fun, and much prettier than the traditional music quiz game. Best of all, it only sell for 99 cents! iQuiz game automatically generate trivial questions based on musics, movies, and TV shows available on one's iPod. It allows one to put their knowledge of popular culture to the test. Colorful images and amusing sounds make iQuiz a lot of fun to play.

The iQuiz game is a killer for trivia game lovers. Soon after its release, hundreds of reviews have been posted on the iTunes website. Most of them are positive with great enthusiasm. Reviewers are mostly excited about the variety of topics and eras that iQuiz is able to cover. Some reviews call
iQuiz "the Ultimate Time Waster". Almost all reviewers praise the low price that iQuiz is selling for.

Best of all, it is said that you can be the MASTER! One can create his/her own iQuiz with topics that they love and be the QuizMaster!

Just wait and see, the best of iQuiz is yet to come.

However, the iQuiz game is only available on the 5th generation iPods. iPod Nano, iPod Mini, and Photo iPod are not able to play the game. Some owners with iPod of previous generations complained that Apple should really make their games for all iPods equipped with color displays.
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