Star Trek - The Original Series

Star Trek - The Original Series
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The first thing I did when I realized you could download custom trivia packs was to look for a good Star Trek collection. Unfortunately, despite all the great artwork and juicy trivia out there, nobody had made a true Trek trivia game.There are 50 questions in this quiz, configured to ask 15 questions per game and allow 4 wrong answers. The questions are moderate in difficulty, you don't have to live in your mother's basement watching Star Trek re-runs to get most of them right - and I think you'll find them interesting.This is the 1.0 release of Trek Trivia for iQuiz, it's freeware of course (note to Paramount lawyers: please go bother bigger fish). This iQuiz contains lots of original artwork - pictures of Kirk, Spock, phasers, tricorders, the enterprise, blueprints, even the new insignia from the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie!Because it has custom graphics you need to manually put the folder in your iTunes music folder within the iQuiz folder itself. Questions, comments, praise? Interested in helping develop the upcoming Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager editions? Email to reach me. I hope you enjoy playing as much as I enjoyed making it!
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